Ramona Beville

CHHC, C.Ht, PSYCH-K facilitator, Mbit certified coach


I love to eat raw foods in the summer, it’s hot, there is an abundance of fresh berries, and my body doesn’t have the excess dampness that it can accumulate in the cold, wet winter months. The fall is a bit of a transition. You can see it in the landscape, feel it in the air and notice the weather changes. Tune into the changes your body is experiencing also. You may have accumulated excess heat, showing up as dry skin or ‘scratchy’ throat, or a feeling of dehydration.

Do you wonder how to get your body ready for winter knowing you don’t want these feelings of excess heat and dryness to continue? Fall transition foods are the ones in season, baby bok choy comes to mind, thicker greens are easier to grow in winter than in summer in milder climates and squashes and fall fruits become available. In the transition, my favorite breakfast begins with heating up a little sesame oil in a pan to fry eggs. Fresh eggs from a neighbor’s chickens or a local farmer are best. When you know they are fresh, you don’t have to cook them all the way through, just slightly fry them in the skillet. In the same skillet, I add chopped green apples, or sweet apples and chopped and rinsed baby bok choy. The key ingredient in this recipe is the sesame oil. It adds the unique flavor that only sesame oil provides. If you want to mix it up a bit, and ‘spice’ up the flavor from delicate and sweet, add a spoonful of gluten free tamari sauce. If you have some leftover rice, throw that in as well, you of course are still working from the same pot. I hope you enjoy this recipe on a beautiful fall morning.